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Fella Makafui Accused Of Stealing Feli Nuna’s Song


Fella Makafui has been accused of stealing Feli Nuna’s song after she released her first single titled ‘OVER’.

Fella has since become a topic for discussion on social media after she dropped her new single “OVER”.

According to Instagram blogger “thosecalledcelebs”, Fella Makafui stole Feli Nuna’s “Azumah” song and instead of making it nicer, she made it worse.

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Apparently, Fella Makafui’s wack diss song ‘Over’ has the same rhythm of Feli Nuna’s song ‘Azuma’ and therefore it’s believed she stole from her since Feli Nuna released her song before hers.

The revelation by the Instagram blogger has caused Ghanaians to troll her even more after some people feel that she’s trying to copy Sister Deborah once again.

Listen to the two songs below:

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