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FDA Adds More Measures to the Ban on Alcohol Promotions


In spite of the obvious uproar of celebrities on the FDA ban on their advertisement of alcoholic beverages, the FDA has still added some more stringent rules to ensure the reduction, influence, and abuse of alcohol, especially by minors.

Now, according to the FDA, if any alcoholic company or beverage wants to sponsor an event, they have to write a letter to the FDA so they either approve or reject their involvement and sponsorship of the event.

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Discussing the matter into details, entertainment connoisseurs are peeved at the way the FDA is handling things concerning those in the creative arts industry. To them, the FDA should rater find a way to make the acquisition of alcoholic beverages by minors almost impossible, instead of trying to solve the problem from the top at the expense of others’ businesses. Expatiating that, what is the use of banning artists and events from having businesses with alcoholic beverages when parents send their children to go patronize or sell alcohol for them?

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They believe that if the true intention of the FDA is protecting the minors, they should rather put in measures to ensure that ID cards are inspected at every joint during purchase like it’s done in some developed countries. While some think this option is not realistic and cannot be materialized and effective in Ghana, others insist that if the FDA really means business they would do all they could. They also buttressed their points with the government making sure that minors are exempted from things like election and would require the same extra effort to ensure that drinking spots and parents are held accountable if their underage children are caught with the possession of such products.

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Also, leaders and rule makers are encouraged to make brainstorming a part of their work style instead of one person thinking of an idea with rubberstamping support from coworkers to make rules which affect the whole nation. Leaders are expected to find ways to make an idea work with little or no negative effects on the people.

Others still remain confused about the details of these bans and measures which has raised more questions like, what exactly does the FDA want to know before they give their approval for the company to sponsor an event? Is it to know if it will be served there for everyone including minors, or if it’s a star hosting the show and advertising the beverage at the event? Some are also of the opinion that this is just a deliberate attempt by the FDA to handle alcohol as contraband thus the eventual collapse and evacuation of such companies in Ghana. They believe that once the beverage is on the market and willing to sponsor an event, then it means that it has been vetted and approved by the FDA, so why then do they still have to request before they go in business with other brands.

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Further questions on the matter were: what if a celebrity or a popular person decided to produce and sell alcoholic beverages in Ghana, are they going to be prevented because they are popular and may influence people, or they would be allowed to but not promote it themselves or tag the product with their names?

Leaders from the creative arts or recognized bodies in the entertainment industry are expected to present a solid case to the FDA to take a second look at some of their rules, however, such leaders and bodies seem reluctant and are not handling the situation with expected alacrity.