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I Don’t Make Friends With Dogs & Pigs – Akua GMB Goes Hard On Afia Schwar, Claims She Is A Drug Addict and A Drunkard


The social media fight between Akua Amoakowaa, ex-wife of Dr. Kweku Oteng, and controversial media personality, Afia Schwarzenegger is not coming to an end anytime soon.

Akuwa GMB has replied to Afia Schwar’s video, and unlike her first reply, she has gone to the extent of revealing some dirty secrets about the media personality.

In a lengthy Instagram post sighted by Ghbase.com, she warned Afia Schwar to stop acting like the two were once friends; she claims Afia Schwar is a dog and she does not make friends with pigs and dogs.

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She wrote;

Today i will tell the world the reason behind the stray dog’s constant rants on social media, first and foremost sweetie stop parading yourself as my ex friends cos I don’t make friends with pìgs and dògs.

I was your madam and that is what i will be to you till your dèath. Now when the acid issue came out, i was part of the first people to get the video obviously from the person that sent you after me but i sat on it.

 I was asked to fire you from angel tv but i pleaded with him to let us take you off tv and continue your job as the programs manager because you have kids and during that time girl, you were starving.

 Three weeks later, i got a cal from the same person who asked me to fire you to hand over our novel telenovella to you to host and I objected. Reason being that, your own show which was aired on tv during prime time couldn’t attract a single sponsor since no brand would want their brand to be associated with you. 

Why then do i give a show which was expected to be our cash cow to such a person to host ” the chat room”. According to you, when i was having this conversation with the man, you were with him in the office and the phone was on speaker out so you heard my every word and you got peeved by that. 

You came back to the office some days after that conversation to demand for the drive that had the show on and I declined. Of course why will i give a drive that contained such an important content to an addict and a drunk. You got angry , left and never came back to angel tv. That is when you started attacking me. 

Listen if i am to make a decision again regarding this issue, i will still take the same stance. 

When you called that midnight that your ex husband had come threatening you with acid, i made a call to three different police station.

Unfortunately they all got there at the same time , this infuriated them and i had to apologize to them because thats not the normal practice. 

Stray dog listen, don’t ever think you scare me cos you don’t, i was just respecting myself, my kids and the dignity of their father but this time, its wàr on.”