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Did Sista Afia Resurrect Eno Barony’s Dead Career?


Music over the years has changed and for an artist to be relevant for a long time it doesn’t come on a silver platter.

While some artistes rely on hits to relevant others also thrive on yearly albums. Some also use features with others also using “beefs” to be relevant.

Relying on hits to be relevant in the industry doesn’t come on a silver platter, it takes a lot of hard work analysis to use this method to be relevant.

Using Albums is somewhat easy since as a musician your job is to be recording songs and compiling them to make an EP or Album as some call it.

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The use of “beefs” is gradually becoming a method used by the artiste to be relevant in the industry. While some use it to be relevant others also use it to revive their dead career.

A typical example of an artist who used beef to revive his dead career is Shatta wale and ever since he has remained relevant in the industry.

The Ghanaian music industry is male dominant making the females to be somewhat dormant. Although Ghana is blessed with female musicians, they fail to achieve their potential since the spotlight is not thrown on the most at times.

As the saying goes, “what a man can do, a woman can do better”. Female artists are gradually learning from the male artiste over the years. From the composition, collaboration, promotion, and “beefs.” An artiste worth commending is Sista Afia. Though not old in the industry she has proved to be a versatile and fast learner.

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Some female artists have been sleeping for a very long time and it took the courage of Sista Afia She took the Ghanaian music industry by surprise with her famous “WMT” song which brought a lot of attention to her. Not only did it bring attention to her but on the females in the industry.

Sista Afia managed to bring the “monster” out from Ghana’s renowned female rappers, Eno Barony and Freda Rhymz.

Ghana and the world have witnessed the prowess of Eno Barony with her two hot songs “rap goddess and Argument done.”

With the above analysis can we conclude that Sista Afia resurrected Eno barony’s dead career.?

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