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Daddy Lumba as a Course to Be Studied?


Over the years the Ghanaian entertainment industry has seen an influx of talents and creativity of all types. The music industry has and still remains one of the most dynamic sectors in the entertainment space with a new batch of musicians being pumped into space, and new stars being discovered every year.

However, some artists in the music industry have proven themselves formidable, indefatigable, and have left indelible marks on the hearts and minds of Ghanaians and especially music lovers for the longest period of time. As they have exhibited an astronomic growth in their craft and career, withstood the test of time and worth looking closely at as a case study in some institutions. Here is one of such artists in the Ghanaian entertainment industry and why.

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The legendary Daddy Lumba. Daddy Lumba has had one of the most interesting and long-lasting careers in the Ghanaian music space, releasing hits upon hits, selling out auditoriums, switching to gospel and back, projecting Ghana to the rest of the world, and surrounded by controversial doom news, dedicating a whole album to beefs among other excitement attached to stardom or in his case, a superstar; all in an era where the industry was operated majorly in the analog system as opposed to now.

Even without the currently available technologies to assist in production, promotion, and sales of creative pieces, Daddy Lumba remained one of the few artists who made name for the quality of his writing skill and the production at large. Releasing a lasting product which is good for consumption even after decades of production.

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Also, like some of the current crop of artists, Daddy Lumba still remains one of the most popular Ghanaian artists with an organized, uniformed and loyal fan base in Ghana and around the world. Though it has been a while since he dropped any major hit song, Yentie Obiaa like other songs from Daddy Lumba still hits a nerve in the hearts of any good music lover which makes the legend a crowd-puller even in present time, making him still relevant even without a current hit song as compared to some of his colleagues.

These are but very few accomplishments and reasons why a prolific writer, talented artist by all standard should be studied as a course in some of our institutions especially in the music schools in Ghana, everything about brand growth and sustenance in spite of the struggles and the limited resources available.

Kingpins in the entertainment industry are expected to take a closer look at daddy Lumba and should be celebrated if not studied to help educate the new and upcoming acts on how to better their craft.