Check some reasons you should have enough sleep at night

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    Getting a good night’s sleep is incredibly important for your health. It’s just as important as eating a balanced, nutritious diet and exercising. Here are some importance of having enough sleep.

    1. May strengthen your heart

    Low sleep quality and duration may increase your risk of developing heart disease and other related diseases. Having enough sleep may help lower the risk of heart disease.

    2. Can improve concentration and productivity

    Sleep is important for various aspects of brain function.

    Cognition, concentration, productivity, and performance are all negatively affected by sleep deprivation.

    3. Affects sugar metabolism and type 2 diabetes risk.

    Short sleep is associated with a greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance — which is when your body cannot use the hormone insulin properly

    An analysis of 36 studies in over 1 million participants found that very short sleep of fewer than 5 hours and short sleep of fewer than 6 hours increased the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 48% and 18%, respectively

    It’s thought that sleep deprivation can cause physiological changes like decreased insulin sensitivity, and increased inflammation.