Check Some Health Benefits of Crying


    Here are some health benefits of crying.

    1. It Restores Emotional Balance

    You usually have a baseline emotional state before you cry and then shedding emotional tears throws the whole thing out of whack. But crying can also help you get back to your usual emotional state, Smith says. “Sometimes people are so worked up–it may be in anger or frustration that they cry,” he says. But afterward, you feel normal again.

    2. Improved vision:

    Basal tears, which are released every time a person blinks, help to keep the eyes moist and prevent mucous membranes from drying out, and the lubricating effect of basal tears allows people to see more clearly.

    3. Fights bacteria:

    Tears contain a fluid called lysozyme that kills eye bacteria and helps keep the eyes clean. It also has potent antimicrobial properties that reduce risks that are presented by bioterror agents.

    3. It Keeps Dry Eye At Bay

    Dry eye is a health condition where your body doesn’t make enough tears or the right type of tears, according to the National Eye Institute (NEI). Your body can actively work to prevent dry eye by creating basal tears, Basal tears, are “a natural shield” for your eyeballs.