5 Times Animals Rained from the Sky


    To some people, animals falling from the sky sound like some kind of plague or magic. There have been some confirmed incidents where animals just randomly fall from the sky and science can’t always fully explain how it happens. In this article, we will be looking at 5 of those moments where animals fell from the sky.

    1. Spiders In Brazil:

    This incident was reported by Nytimes.com in 2013. Brazil which is a country having hundreds of spider species witnessed thousands of small and large spiders falling from the sky. The spiders were weaving webs almost instantly as they landed, coating the land like a creepy-crawly blanket.

    According to reports, this is not the first time such an event will happen in Brazil. Scientists have tried to find a suitable explanation for the phenomenon. They claimed that when the high wind blows spiders from their tree homes into the air, they later fall after the wind has reduced.

    2. Tadpoles In Japan:

    According to Britannica.com, tiny dead tadpoles fell from the sky across parts of Japan in 1997. The creatures came in a slimy and gross rain, covering streets, cars and houses. This caused a lot of confusion among scientists, with some claiming that the tadpoles were picked up by waterspouts.


    3. Tiny Frogs In Hungary:

    According to independent.co.uk, Hungary witnessed tiny frogs coming down with rain in 2010. It was reported that these incidents have occurred more than once in various parts of the country in two days.

    4. Worms In Jennings:

    In 2007, independent.co.uk reported that thousands of worms fell from the sky in the city of Jennings. The clump of worms coated the trees, streets, and houses in the area. Many residents looked horrified as they looked for answers regarding what could have caused the incident.

    5. Blackbirds In Beebe:

    In 2010, the small Arkansas town of Beebe witnessed dead blackbirds falling from the sky. According to Nytimes.com, the birds suddenly dropped dead into the yard of residents and this incident occurred two years later. Many kept asking the reason for the occurrence while some think it has something to do with fireworks or air turbulence.