Home Entertainment Bosom Pyung Comments on Allegations Of Usage of Drugs

Bosom Pyung Comments on Allegations Of Usage of Drugs


Bosom pyung like many vibrant artists has also been associated with some prejudice as a result of their looks, persona, and their field of profession.

Some prejudice most artists endure has been that of sexual promiscuity, drug abuse among others. While some artists are perpetrators of such behaviors, Bosom Pyung in an interview has clearly stated that he doesn’t do drugs.

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This conversation was born out of his crazy performance at the 3music awards and on other platforms, people assume with the kind of energy he exudes he may have chemical help. But Bosom has said emphatically that in spite of performing with “cups” and some form of high it doesn’t mean he takes drugs. To him, it’s all part of his ways of entertaining people, if not through his music, at least through his idiosyncrasies.