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Anglican Bishop caught in bed with a priest’s wife, check out what the church did to him


Anglican Bishop caught with a priest’s wife in bed, here is what the church did to him.

What is happening in Christendom calls for serious intervention from God. We no longer know who is a real believer and child of God.

Although the Bible had said that by their fruits we shall know them. Many are now displaying good character on the outside but are rotten inside, how then do we decode this if God has not decided to reveal?

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Some Christians no longer fear God rather they commit sin with impunity and their only fear is the fear of being caught.

This Anglican bishop of the church of Nigeria of Ekiti West in the person of Rufus Adepoju, was caught in bed with a priest’s wife. The woman whom he was having affair with is an employee, who was also under his care. However, the bishop admitted to having an affair with her.

What the church did to him

For this reason, the church suspended him for one good year. The church also said that the Bishop will not partake in any church activity.

According to Premium Times, the suspension letter was signed by the Primate of the Church of Nigeria, Most Rev Henry Ndukuba.

Here is a copy of the suspension letter.

This is quite sad. We should all know that men of God are the main target of the enemy, they need our prayers, they are not to be mocked.

I also want to tell you that whether you are married or celibate, as long as you don’t have self control, you are finished. The solution is self control. Anyone who has self control will surely conquer.

May God help us all. Times are hard and the devil in his unrelenting effort is ensuring that the love of many wax cold with acts and stories like this. But take note, this race is individual.