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An Artiste can be Popular but very Poor—Kwaisey Pee


A lot of people wonder why a musician will end up soliciting for funds whenever old and sick.

People sometimes find it very difficult to support these artists financially. Because they think that these musicians misused their money when they were young.

Musician Kwaisey Pee in an interview with Regina Van Helvert disclosed that it is sometimes not the fault of the musicians.

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According to the musician, most artistes are popular but very poor. Because they cannot distinguish between business and friendship. Due to this, they do a lot of work for free or charge at a very low price.

Furthermore, he stated that some artistes end up being poor because of mismanagement and carelessness.

He stressed that these musicians forget that in future they will definitely need medical attention which requires money.

On how to solve these problems, Kwaisey Pee explained that there should be a body that deduct tax from the musicians whenever they go out to work.

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To him, whenever the need arises for a musician to use his or her money, the money from the tax can be given to the artiste.

This does not only happen to musicians but usually everybody in the Ghanaian entertainment industry.

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