Press Release From the Camp of Bhimnation Issued in Connection to Kelvynboy’s Assault

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The assault on Kelvynboy a few days ago has sparked a lot of controversies concerning the perpetrator of such an act. The tweet from the victim of the assault, Kelvynboy suggested Stonebwoy as the perpetrator.

This did not sit well with Stonebwoy as he has issued a press release a few days ago. The press release stated that the tweets making waves on social media is a disaffection to Stonebwoy’s brand and his organization as a whole.

Furthermore, the press release indicated that for the avoidance of doubt.They stated emphatically that they are in no way associated with the incidence. Further, any person alleged to have been involved in the scuffle is no way an employee or former employee of Stonebwoy.

Photo of the press release is provided below.

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