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Akuapem Poloo Explains Why She Posted A ‘Nude’ Picture Of Herself And Son On Instagram


The actress who suffered a lot of insults from Ghanaians for wishing her Son a happy birthday with a ‘nude’ picture on IG, has come out to clear the air.

Akuapem poloo stated that, she posted the picture because she wanted to send a message to kids and grown ups who doesn’t regard their mothers.

”some people will see their parent out there mad, naked and because they are naked they will run away, and they wont take care of them,they wont cloth them, so what I was saying is, no matter how naked you your parent don’t run away from them, get close to them and cloth them, that is what I was trying to say”

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She also added that because She is an Artiste, anything she post is an artistic impression and not portraying porn on her page.

”We all know I’m an artist and anything i post is a message out there, as an artiste anything I post is an artistic impression, I always try to send a message out there as a mother,but not trying to portray porn on my page,I can’t do porn with my Son, I even bath always with my Son”

Rosemond also apologized to Ghanaians who felt offended by that post, claiming she didn’t post the picture with a bad intention.

”I want to say that I’m so sorry if anyone got hurt with my post this morning, and also want you to know that it was not any bad intention, was just trying to send a message out there”

The mother of one said this in a video She posted on Instagram.

Watch video below

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