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After winning the award to Dubai, Check Out how Dzato and Grace are rocking in love [DATE RUSH]


The latest couple in town now is Dzato and Grace of Date Rush. After they were featured on the reality show, they were not seen again mostly on social media but were busy keeping the love real.

According to Grace, Dzato was patient with her despite the fact that she was not giving him the requisite attention so she had no other option than to accept him as her love. She accepted Dzato’s proposal and rather gave him a ring as a promise to show how much she loves him.

They are now living as lovers and fortunately for them, they have won the best couple of the year. The award comes with a package of fully paid expense trips to Dubai for 6 days. They have time to enjoy and have all the fun they can by kind courtesy of Media General.

It was least expected of them to win that ultimate prize so it took everyone by surprise because they were not social media friendly and we were not hearing many controversies from their camp as compared to other couples.

A photo has been sighted on Dzato’s Instagram handle as they were seen looking happy. The pose alone signifies how glad they are in the relationship. According to the caption of Dzato, Grace said he is not romantic so he is trying his possible best to be romantic. How lovely and romantic it is.

Check the video below: