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4 ways to make Your Ex-boyfriend regret losing you


From an early age, men are taught to be strong, brave, and insensitive. This has led to them feeling they can control everything. According to society, women are the emotional ones, while men don’t get upset at all (if they’re real men). I’m sorry to disappoint you if you are a man and still think this way.

Men are as human as women are, which means that they experience emotion too. A lot of the time, men are too embarrassed to cry in front of others, even their significant other. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t do it behind closed doors!

Many men have admitted to crying when their football team loses or regret their actions in the past. However, traditionally, they’ve been less open about what makes them cry in the context of a relationship.

Your ex will cry over losing you because of these 4 things:

1.You are in safe hands.

We all go into relationships with high hopes of getting married to our partners since that’s the prime reason for almost all relationships. But sometimes, we tend out to be surprised at what the relationship we imagined has become. Well, as a woman you should know your worth and standards in your life and relationship.

This enables you not to settle for less. If you have been hurt or heartbroken, make sure to apply all your past experience of your ex into your next relationship.

He will cry seeing you in the safe hand of this new partner.

2.Work On Yourself.

Naturally, guys that break up with ladies feel they control their lives and so have this assumption you will never find someone better than them.

Well, try taking on a skill, or taking your education and work seriously to achieve something concrete for yourself.

This way he will surely regret and cry losing you. Remember he wants you to fail to confirm his assumption of being the best for you.

3.Aim higher.

He has left you with nothing but hurts and regret. Do you want to kill yourself?

Pick yourself up and fight for what you have lost all these years with being in the hands of the wrong person. Look beyond your ex and achieve something more productive for your future to prove him wrong.

Invest in yourself emotionally, mentally, and spiritually for him to weep to see you hit the jackpot without him in yourself.

4. Achieving Your Goals.

There are guys that in a relationship don’t pay attention to their partners’ goals or dreams.

Well, if your ex is one of them, then make those dreams splash him in the face as you work had to unfold them into realities.

Make him cry for not supporting your dreams rather left you when you needed him most.

Be strong enough to know how to fight your own battles and achieve your goals rather than trusting it with a boyfriend who doesn’t even stage a conversation around it.

Don’t disappoint yourself because your future remains your priority and not anybody’s business.