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8 Mistakes Ladies Make When they Like A Guy Way Too Much


Ladies are wired to be more emotional than men, prior to that many ladies make mistakes when it comes to dealing with guys they love way too much.

Some ladies have tried many ways to keep their relationship long enough to lead to marriage, however in the process of finding “mr right” Most ladies end up making mistakes out of ignorance, desperation and immaturity, just to mention but few.

As a lady, sometimes you have to keep your emotions aside and ask yourself this question : This man I love way too much – 

-Is he industrious or a liability? 

-Does he want to be kept by you? 

-Does he reciprocate the love you show him? 

-Does his dreams and lifestyle fit into your? 


Ladies make mistakes of ignoring the above questions and end up chasing the cloud thinking they are in love. Sometimes the heartbreaks and betrayal we complain is due to mistakes we make, simply because we love the man. But most times it’s not betrayal, you just don’t fit in. Nothing plays more tricks than emotions. It is said” love is blind” some ladies are blind and ignorant to these mistakes because they are victims of their emotions. Today iam sharing with 8 mistakes ladies make when they love a guy way too much . 

1.Always making the first move. 

Musician African China ,said in one of his song and I quote “if you love somebody walk up to him and tell him you love him, it’s not a crime”. As as much as there is sense in what he said in that song I don’t completely agree with him. In the african setting the mantle of wooing a woman and making the first move is given to the men and not the other way round. If meet a man you love and you have the opportunity to tell him how you feel, I suggest you don’t go directly and tell him, first show him the green light,if the man is interested in you or if the feeling his mutual he will make the first move. Of he doesn’t I suggest you let it slide. Sometimes we don’t get what we want don’t always make the first allow the man to do the chase.

2.over doing things. 

Sugar is sweet but too much of it can lead to serious health concerns, same applies to relationships, when you are doing too much as a lady. Just because you love a man doesn’t warrant you to be stalking him.


Men love the chasing, they are wired to do the chasing, don’t swap your position with a man simply because you love him. He have a life outside love life, give me some space when needed. Stop over doing the calling or following him around. 

3.Mistake of Fantasizing too much. 

Most ladies fantasize the idea of being in love instead of being in love. Most ladies make the mistake of living in the world of fantasy rather than reality. No one is telling you to settle for less, but conceive it in your mind you can’t have it all. Some ladies, from the on set a man they always have crush on or had feelings for ask them out , they start preparing for wedding even before building the relationship. Fantasizing too much, is a mistake every lady must avoid when she loves a man.

4.Falling in Love with man Before Knowing the man. 

Some ladies make the mistake of falling in love with a man even before getting to know him. Know the man first and find out if his lifestyle fit into yours. When you don’t take time to know the man at the long run you might come to the realization of his lifestyle not fitting yours or both of you are not on same page in the relationship. This is a mistake you must avoid to safe yourself from heartbreak and disspointment. 

5.Mistake of Being Blind to the warning signs. 

A friend of mine once made a statement and I quote “the wrong people to advice is a man with money and a woman in love”. When a woman is in love with a man she tend to ignore certain warning sign and at the long run she will end up in an abusive relationship or marriage. Being blind to warning signs is a mistake a woman cannot afford to make because it might cost her, her life. Pay attention to all the warning signs don’t gullible and naive all in the name of love.

6.Mistake of not letting go. 

When a woman is in love with a man she finds it difficult to let go. There is nothing wrong in holding up to a man you love and there is nothing wrong in letting go. The trick is understanding which is best for you. Don’t make the mistakes of staying in a bad relationship simply because you love the man. If he doesn’t love you in return, respect or treat you right, please let go of him. 

7.Mistake of not leaving their Options Open Even When the Man is Not Committed to them. 

A man has not done anything for you as his woman until he put a ring on your finger or marry you . Don’t make the mistake of driving other suitors away, simply because you are in love with man. If he havnt propose yet or made you his intentions known to you, leave your options open. 

8.Mistake of Lowering your Standards Just to Please Him. 

Most ladies make the mistake of lowering their standards just to fit in. Don’t allow any man to make you feel less just because you love him. Don’t revolve your life around him, instead live your life and work within your standards. If he loves you as much as you love he will operate within or beyond your standard. 

One of the greatest feelings in the world, is the feeling of loving someone and the person reciprocating same love. Most ladies make the mistakes of thinking they can keep a man just because they are love him way too much . It not enough that you love a man, the question is : Does he loves you back?

Some ladies end up making alot of mistakes thinking they proving their love to a man. Who told you it is in your place to keep a man? You can’t keep a man, you can only keep a man if he wants to be kept by you. Open your eyes to reality and let go to some of these mistakes mention above so as safe yourself from regrets and heartbreak. 

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