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5 Secrets You Should Never Tell Anyone No Matter How Close, Else They Will Use It Against You


Actually every living being today has a skeleton in his/her cupboard which no one knows of. We tend to hide them from our family, friends and loved ones.

But in some cases, we feel like letting it out just to be free as some secret serves as a burden and somehow hinders us from moving forward.

In today’s article, we’ll discuss these five important secrets you should never share with anyone no matter how close, else they might use it against you.


1. Keep your past relationship from your current partner.

Some of us are fond of telling our partner about the past relationship, which isn’t supposed to be so. They’re some things you got to keep away from your current partner. In a case whereby you had several abortions in your past relationship, telling this to your current partner isn’t something he will take slightly, so it’s better to keep it away from him.

2. Don’t tell outsiders how good or weak your partner is in bed.

Don’t ever ever tell anyone about your partner performance on bed. This is your personal life, keep it away from outsiders because by doing so can lead to so many things like your friend having interest in your husband/wife base on what you’ve told them.

3. Don’t tell anybody how much you quarrel with your partner.

Some people really like talking about their relationship with friends. The thing is that, no relationship is perfect, sharing the negative side to outsiders isn’t the best option. This has broken many friendships where the friend you told about your partner begins to tell other people what you told them. Make your relationship/marriage look good to outsider to avoid story that touch.

4. Don’t ever tell your mother-in-Law how bad she is.

This is one of the most important secrets you shouldn’t let out if you want to know peace in your marriage. No matter how you feel like telling her how bad she has been, control yourself and never spit those words out if you don’t want your marriage to be a war zone or full of hatred from her children.

5. Keep your pastor away from your family issues.

Even your pastor is not worthy to know how many times you quarrel with your husband, most of them will use it as sermon in the church. Just talk to God alone.