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Yvonne Nelson proves that money is not everything as she celebrates her birthday


 “Too much money blocks your vision in life, education alone gives you a limited view, education and money out you on a balance in life and a life without money and education leaves you in the dark”- unknown 

Today marks the 35th birthday of popular Ghanaian actress, model, and entrepreneur, Yvonne Nelson also doubles as her graduation with a Masters degree in international relations and diplomacy from GIMPA.

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When asked why she had to go back to school, she said that she wanted to “raise the bar for Ryn Roberts”, her daughter, so she would not have an excuse not to further her education to a higher level and prove to her that even after being famous and rich there’s the need to further one’s education in order to be abridged with happenings around the world and such that one can also contribute a meaningful quota to development. 

She also said “I want to add value to myself, I want to equip myself in life. I want to be knowledgeable when it comes to world governance politics and superpowers…”. She said this realization came after she had organized her #DumsorMustStopCampaign.

She also emphasized on the relevance of female education and has added her voice to the others who continue to reiterate its value in the country and the world at large.

For many of us, our mentality is money being the main aim and proof of being successful but then, when asked on current issues and methods by which certain challenges can be addressed, we are found fumbling and we are later disregarded and given minimum respect.

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 It is as a result of the inability to further one’s education, that some personalities are not visible in certain prominent gatherings or given dignified roles that involve the diaspora and international community but are rather limited to local engagements.

Thus, this is a wake-up call for most of us to broaden our perspective and alter our mentality and rather focus on upgrading ourselves to also add us to the list of the many who are sought out for respectable engagements.