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Why Bitter Kola Is Good For The Body


Bitter Kola naturally stimulates the central nervous system, which may increase alertness and boost energy levels. Antibacterial benefit One review reported in the Journal of Biosciences and Medicines indicates that the use of bitter kola extract might stop the growth of harmful bacteria.

According to Healthline”, Bitter Kola is a plant from Africa and it has a lot of health benefits. Almost all the parts of this plant can be used for health purposes. Below is why bitter kola is good for your body.

Sexual Impotence

When it comes to the improvement of sexual performance, especially among men, bitter kola is very useful. Bitter Kola does not only increase copulation drive, but it also improves the sexual performance of men who consume it. In other to be effective, it is advisable to chew the kola for at least two minutes before intercourse.


According to scientists, chemical constituents in bitter kola have anti-malarial properties. Additionally, the stem, bark, and seeds of bitter kola are used to treat acute fever, inflammation of the respiratory tract, and throat infections.

Immunity System

Bitter kola has a high amount of antioxidants. This high amount of antioxidants found in bitter kola helps the body to increase its immunity level. When the immunity level of the body is increased, it becomes strong enough to fight against any foreign contaminant.