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Who is Wode Maya? Biography, age, career and net worth of Ghanaian Youtuber


Wode Maya real name Berthold Winkler is a trained aeronautical engineer and a Ghanaian YouTuber, best known for his tourism-focused videos.

Growing up from a village in Kofikrom in the western region of Ghana, Wode Maya, had the opportunity to travel to China to further his studies.

Trained as an aeronautical engineer, Wode Maya ended up as a vlogger due to his personal experiences with discrimination.

Date of Birth &  Age

Wode Maya was born on November 8, 1990, which makes him 31 years in 2022


In 2012, Maya left Ghana after finishing his secondary school education to pursue further studies in China.

Initially, he was billed to study in the UK after getting a scholarship.

This plan, however, was never able to manifest as he was not granted a visa to enter the UK, so he left for China instead

He was admitted into Shenyang Aerospace University to study Aeronautical Engineering.

Youtube Journey

Wode Maya With American Travel Vlogger , Drew Binsky
Wode Maya With American Travel Vlogger , Drew Binsky

In an interview with face2faceafricaWode Maya disclosed his worst moment of anti-Black discrimination was when he set out looking for a job and was denied just because he was Black. “Hey, we are looking for a Black man who looks like Obama, but you don’t look like Obama,” he was told.

The derogatory comments coupled with incidents of discrimination against him in public buses and trains compelled him to start a YouTube channel to share his experiences as a Black man living in China.

The name of his YouTube channel was mrghanababy but later changed it to Wode Maya .

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Having left China with a loan from friends to pursue his passions, Wode Maya first traveled to about five African countries sharing his travel experiences and each country’s culture.

And today, his YouTube channel Wode Maya, which started off as a bridge between Africa and Asia, has grown to be the welcome train to the African diaspora, he says on his website.

He has travelled to 17 countries of Africa to feature different kinds of companies and people and has himself been featured by many top YouTubers all around the continent.

Net Worth

Maya’s net worth is estimated to be in the range of $3million.

He earns an average of $2,000 monthly.

In 2022, Wode Maya, unveiled his new magnificent mansion reportedly worth $1 million.

According to the acclaimed YouTuber, the five-bedroom house will also serve as a creative hub for other creators lacking the resources to produce quality content for their audience.

In a YouTube video showcasing the edifice, Wode Maya, who had a humble start in his field, recalled that he didn’t have a good camera for interviews.

Source: ghlinks.com.gh