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Who Invented Blow Up Dolls? Full Facts


BLOW-UP dolls have always been a popular accessory for the stag and hen night out. But who invented blow up dolls and what is their purpose? We’ll tell you everything we know about them in this article.

The blow up dolls have turned into a business. There are companies selling expensive dolls to people and there are also cheap dolls that are also being sold in shops. Some celebrities are even beginning to market their own toys.

Who Invented Blow Up Dolls?

The inventor of the original blow-up doll is not known. The first blow up dolls are traced back to Dutch sailors of the 17th century. They used the doll made of cloth to ease tension from long sea journeys.

The first known blow-up doll was featured in psychotherapists Iwan Bloch’s book “The Sexual Life of Our Time”. The book, released in 1908, detailed the doll as being used to perform romantic acts.

Following the revolution in the mid-sixties, ads began appearing in magazines, allowing users to pick dolls sporting different hairstyles and colours to meet the needs of the buyer.

Who Invented Blow Up Dolls Wikipedia

During World War 2, it was reported there was a rumour that Adolf Hitler ordered the blow up dolls to be provided to German soldiers fighting on the front lines as this would help in combating the spread of syphilis among Nazi troops.

The idea was said to have been in response to Heinrich Himmler’s 1940 note in 1940 to Adolf Hitler that there were problems with syphilis within the prostitution houses in Paris which Hitler supposedly approved.

The absence of evidence to support the theory led to it being dismissed as a hoax at the beginning of the 2000s. The primary evidence supporting the theory was two photos believed to have been rescued from the garbage and later disproved as fake.

There are people who use the blow up dolls in the carpool lanes to appear as if a person is inside the vehicle. Additionally, many people utilize the dolls for long trips because it makes it seem as if they’re not on their own. They feel it’s more secure for them to travel this way.