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Where does TikTok’s “Get out into the parking lot” sound come from?


TikTok acoustics hold a ruthless hold on my dwindling brain cells. After months of the Binley Mega Chippy frenzy and I’m still thinking about the Godforsaken song that this 20 year old student created. But now a new one is making the rounds. I, of course, am referring to the sound of “get out into the parking lot.” This is where it really comes from and everything you need to know about the trend.

Where does the “get out into the parking lot” sound come from?

Basically, the sound is a mixture of a song called Rapture by Blondie and the cover of the song itself by Soldier Boy. The lyrics of the song are: “Fab Five Freddy told me everyone to fly
/ DJ spinnin’ I said, ‘My my’ / Fast flash, cool flash / François c’est pas, Flash ain’t a friend / And you don’t stop, sure shot / Get out into the parking lot…”

Here is the full live performance of Rapture that is now spreading on TikTok.

Who is Fab Five Freddy and what do the words actually mean?

In 1981, Fab Five rapper Freddy took Blondie at a rap party in Upper New York. Lead singer Debbie Harry was so impressed that she immortalized Freddie in the song Rapture. according to geniusThe lyrical phrase “Flash is fast, Flash is cool” refers to hip-hop pioneer DJ Grandmaster Flash.

Where does the boy soldier come from?

In June of this year, the fourth episode of the third series of The Boys premiered on Amazon Prime. It opened with a clip of Jensen Ackles’s Soldier Boy performing a cover of the hit single Blondie. Debbie Harry was quick to comment on the cover of her song, saying, “Holy sh*t!! Epic.”

So, how does the trend work?

Basically, the Blondie version of the song plays first while something mid-level is happening on the screen. Then the Soldier Boy version can be heard as the situation on the screen is somehow improved. Accompanied by the first song, the TikTok creator uses a filter that presses their face, while with the second song, their face is designed to look softer with a larger jawline and cut.

This TikTok has been liked over 500,000 times. The first clip is a man jumping into the Blondie version, with the caption: “People who watch TV normally…” The next clip is with Soldier Boy’s version and the caption: “People who watch TV with subtitles.”

Here are some other TikToks starting from the “go out into the parking lot” trend.