WhatsApp Hacks and Scams you Should Beware of!


    Here are some disturbing whatsApp Hacks and Scams you Should Beware of!

    WhatsApp is one of the most popular and user-friendly messaging apps for staying in touch with friends and family. It used to be a safe personal account for people, there have been issues of whatsapp hack and it’s on the rise. This is all because hackers have devised methods to gain access to these accounts in order to further their own goals.

    How Does the WhatsApp Hacks and Scams work?

    The hackers try this hacking tricks when the hacker is not suspected by the user.

    1. In order for the scam to work, hackers give a user a code via text message on their smartphone, followed by a WhatsApp message from someone on their contact list. When a “friend” or “family member” requests a receiver to reveal their WhatsApp code, the hacker has easy access to that person’s account.
    2. Another way is, the hackers impersonate to be administrators (admin) of a particular group of the user and tries to lure the user to send the WhatsApp verification code in order to be moved into a new group.

    Apparently, the hacker uses the user’s phone number to install whatsapp. When a user isn’t expecting it, WhatsApp will send an SMS code to their phone. Hackers pretending to be users’ contacts ask for this code.

    Effects of these WhatsApp Hacks and Scams from Hackers

    Innocently sharing the code with the hacker allows the hacker to gain access to the user’s Whatsapp account and take control. Even if the user uninstalls and reinstalls the WhatsApp program, the hacker has already activated the two-step verification code, preventing them from gaining access to the account.

    The hacker goes on to restore chats which enables him to access the user’s recent chats, thereby gaining access to some of their contacts. He also activates the “change phone number” option in the whatsapp settings.

    If the user happens to be a group admin, the proceeds to remove all group members. They change other group names to “world remit”, “lotto” or “Porno”. They begin posting world Remit and lotto Scam posts or unwanted emojis to the groups and then continues to prey on other unsuspecting contacts.

    How to prevent hackers from gaining access to your WhatsApp

    There are a few ways you can prevent your WhatsApp account from getting hacked.

    1. Setting Up WhatsApp Two-step Verification

    • One way to prevent this is by setting up WhatsApp two-step verification. WhatsApp’s two-step verification feature, when activated, can alert the user if someone tries to log in to their account.

    How To Set Up WhatsApp Two-Step Verification

    • Open or go to WhatsApp
    • Open your WhatsApp settings
    • Select account
    • Then select two-step verification
    • Follow the prompts and instructions to set up the two-step verification with your mobile number
    • After here, WhatsApp can then be used without fear of being hacked.

    2. Downloading the Correct version of WhatsApp

    App Store or Google play store is where you should always download the correct version of WhatsApp.

    You should not use an unsupported version of WhatsApp. It’s possible for hackers to get into your account if you’re just a little careless with these apps.

    What to do if your WhatsApp Account gets hacked 

    The moment you realize a friend or your WhatsApp is hacked, these are a few things you should do.

    1. Contact your closest family and friends to inform them about your current situation.

    This is a very important approach which helps a lot. Some hackers will try using your WhatsApp account further hack your close friends and people you find yourself in a WhatsApp group with. Informing as many people as possible can help make them aware to prevent being hacked as well.

    2. Contact the admins of groups you are part of and inform them to remove your number from the group if possible.

    Contacting the group admin and asking them to remove the offending member is the best course of action if it turns out that you have been hacked.

    If someone’s account is hacked, it can also affect the accounts of others in the group, so you must remove the individual from the group.

    3. Claim your WhatsApp Account Back

    So far as you are the owner of the WhatsApp account, you can get your WhatsApp account back after some hours of being hacked.

    After about 12 hours, you should try registering your WhatsApp number. You have to login to your WhatsApp account with your phone number. WhatsApp automatically will send a code to the you via sms for you to verify and get your account back.


    Over the years, WhatsApp has grown to be the most popular messaging app in the world. As a result, users should exercise caution and keep an eye out for potential hackers when using this app. Kindly share this post to get others educated. Thank you for your time