What To Do When Cough Keeps You Awake Throughout The Night


    Coughs that last for a long time typically get worse at night. But if a cough keeps you up at night, there are certain things you may take to help you sleep better.

    When a cough prevents you from falling asleep and you need to resume your sleep, try the following, advises WebMD:

    1. Alter the way you’re lying down

    You might be able to fall asleep if you prop yourself up and stop coughing for a while. Some people can sleep comfortably on just a few pillows or in a recliner. Try it for a few nights; it could be helpful.

    2. Have tea

    Your cough may be relieved by hot beverages. If the air feels dry to you, try moistening your upper respiratory tract with hot tea, lemon juice, and honey. Caffeinated teas should not be consumed, though, as they can keep you awake.

    3. Prevent air movement

    Try to adjust a ceiling fan, heater, or air conditioner if it blasts air directly into your face while you are in bed.

    4. Employ a humidifier.

    By moistening the air, humidifiers can potentially reduce coughing. That is what cool-air humidifiers do, and if there isn’t any hot steam, there may be a risk of burns. Make sure the humidifier is always clean and dry to prevent the growth of mold.

    5. Eat a lozenge.

    When you take a numbing substance, such as benzocaine, certain coughs go away temporarily, allowing you to get a decent night’s sleep.