Home Entertainment “Wendy Shay’s Stevie Wonder Did Not Make the Cut”- PRO of Charterhouse

“Wendy Shay’s Stevie Wonder Did Not Make the Cut”- PRO of Charterhouse


The new PRO for Charterhouse Ghana, Robert Klah, in an interview has cleared the rumors about the nomination of Wendy Shay’s Stevie Wonder.

After the launch of the VGMA21, there have been concerns about the nominations which seems to be a normal thing associated with every award scheme in Ghana. However, one that has called for general worry has been Wendy Shay’s Stevie Wonder featuring Shatta Wale not making it into any category in the scheme.

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Response from Charterhouse has been that because Shatta, like Stonebwoy, has been banned from the scheme none of their materials or any material that has them in it is disqualified. Contrary to their definitions, Sarkodie’s Blacklove Album which features many talents including Stonebwoy has been put under the telescope for still being nominated in spite of having Stonebwoy on the album.

This has sparked up vociferous protests and allegations from fans and people affiliated to all these artists and to those who perceived Stevie Wonder as an eligible material.

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Addressing this issue and questions, Mr. Robert Klah was called to help answer these questions. According to him, Wendy Shay’s Stevie Wonder could have passed for other categories in the scheme except for Collaboration of the year in spite of featuring a banned artist. Defending that the song was also not seen in other categories mostly because it didn’t make the cut into those categories it was eligible to enter.