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Wendy Shay Takes the FDA by Its Horns

Wendy Shay

In the latest post by the hottest Ghanaian female musician, Wendy Shay, she announces her visit to the Foods and Drugs Authority (FDA) to have a relook at some of their rules.

Prior to this, wendy shay has been expressing her bitterness about some of the rules by the FDA especially the one that bans celebrities from advertising alcoholic products almost always calling out other celebs and Ghanaians to wake up about such matters.

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What broke the camel’s back was when she lost a big deal with an alcoholic beverage company because of these laws. After she expressed her displeasure on the matter, most Ghanaians were unhappy with what they think was a selfish act from the musician. However, just this weekend, one of the leading alcoholic brands in Ghana, Adonko Bitters, unveiled their new ambassadors which were all Nigerians.

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This has now caught the attention of most Ghanaian Celebrities as they are now cognizant of what they are losing out with these stringent rules by the FDA, thus her visit to the FDA. She also mentioned in the post that something big was coming, which most people hope it will be an amendment of some of these rules by the FDA.