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‘We don’t fuck with clowns!’ – Nicki Minaj disses Kanye West after he refused to release their collaboration but went on to feature in Cardi B’s new single (video)


Rapper, Nicki Minaj has lashed out at her colleague and fashion entrepreneur Kanye West, for not releasing their song collaboration but moved on to feature in her rival, Cardi B’s latest single.

After her set was delayed for 45 minutes, Minaj hit the stage, performing her collaboration with Lil Baby “Do We Have A Problem” before launching into fan favorites such as “We Go Up,” “Did It On ’em,” and “Beez in the Trap.”

However, after her DJ played “Monster,” the 2010 Kanye West single where many fans believe she delivered her best guest feature, Minaj stopped the show.

“A monster though!” Minaj began. “A monster though! But we don’t fuck with clowns.”

Minaj not performing “Monster” immediately led to speculation she had fallen out with Kanye West, attributing it to his feature on Cardi B’s new “Hot Shit” single, meanwhile refused to release a song Nicki worked on with him in his last previous album Fonda and Donda 2.

“Where you stand? Where was Jay at? Where was them at?/Where you done that? Where you live at? Another headline, ‘Where your hat at?’/’ N-gga, go home, where your kids at?’,” Ye raps on “Hot Shit.”

Watch the video below…