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Two Lesbian Partners Who Went Viral When One Was Spotted Begging The Other Not To Leave Her Finally Speak


The two Ghanaian lesbobo couple who trended in a viral video that showed one heartbroken and begging the other not to leave her to marry a man has finally revealed it is a movie they’re acting.

A viral video was fast trending on social media that showed the moment a lesbian woman bent her knees to plead with her partner not to break-up with her.

From the video, the other partner apparently was leaving her partner to go and marry a man she loves.

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But the lady on the knees said she’ll do anything for her, so she shouldn’t leave.

The lady pleading could be heard saying that she bought car and make sure she provides everything for her partner so why would she decide to leave her?

“You said you need car and I bought it for you. What have you seen in a man that you want to leave me for him? What does the man have?”, she was seen pleading.

Kofi Tv interviewed the two viral ladies and they have disclosed it is a movie they’re shooting.

According to them, they thought over it and planned to make Ghanaians and other countries get to know their upcoming movie.

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According to them, their upcoming movie is an educative movie which is very informative and will help the youth especially those under pressure from celebrities showing off their wealth meanwhile some are just for bragging rights.

From their interview with Kofi Tv, they revealed that should they have showed camera and people standing by them making it obvious that they were shooting a movie, many wouldn’t take them serious.

One even revealed that she sings at her church, Light House Chapel to back their claims that they are not lesbobo but they wanted attention from their Ghanaians for their movie.

Watch video below