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Three Habits That Gradually Damage Your Brain


The human brain is the powerhouse that carries out all the activities by every individual. You should always take very good care of your brain and provide it with the necessary nutrients needed for it to function properly.

In this article, i will be sharing with you three things that damaged the human brain slowly. Most of us know about this things but are ignorant about them. However, if you don’t take good care of your vital organs,you may lose your life at an early age or suffer health conditions.

Here are three things you should avoid as they damage your brain slowly.

1. Unhealthy sleeping habits: You should always find time to rest, especially at night. Staying awake at night stresses the brain,which could lead to the development of certain brain problems. You need to do away with things that will prevent you from sleeping at night. Having a good sleep helps the brain to replenish lost cells and prepare them for the next day’s activities.

2. You blust your headphones: listening to songs with earbuds that are at full volume can cause serious damage to your brain. This habits can damage your eardrum causing excessive loss of brain tissue. You should becareful of the volume of your headphones when listening to music to avoid brain conditions like Alzheimers.

3. Sm0king: All sm0kers are liable to have health issues because the harm caused by c!garett3s and other t0bacc0 to their body organs. Nic0tine causes rapid cognitive decline dementia among sm0kers which affects memory,thinking ability, judgment,behaviour and language skills. You should stop sm0king if you wish to have a healthy brains.