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This Lady Looks So Much Like Emmanuella, See Some Of Her Pictures And Her Name


There are some people who resemble each others facially with likely appearances, you might think these people are brothers but might be surprised when you notice they aren’t from the same families, or are not even bonded by blood.

 If you are a fan of Nigerian comedies, then you will apparently know Emmanuella. She is a very young female comedian, who started acting comedy right since her infant stage, and now she has grown to be one of the most popular kids in Nigeria.

She recently built a house for her mom, and this proves Emmanuella has really achieved more than a lot.

 Meanwhile there is this lady that has the facial appearance of the talented comedian, with the name Toluwani Chris. The resemblance is just too vivid, and Crystal clear that you will have to think something might be wrong somewhere. See some Pictures of Toluwani Chris below:

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They really resemble each other, it’s just that the lady is quite older and looks more mature than Emmanuella.

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