The Truth About Hot And Cold Water Baths. Which One Is Healthier? (Answered)


    On a sunny day, you would like to take a cold water bath but on a winter morning, you would like to enjoy a hot water bath. Well, which is good among them?

    Many say that cold water showers are healthier and hot water showers are bad for heath. But frankly speaking, there are some benefits of both hot and cold water baths. 

    In this post, let us discuss when to prefer a hot one and when to go for a cold bath.

    Hot Water Benefit Includes:

    • If you wish to feel relaxed after a shower, prefer hot water bath. When you come home tired, prefer a hot water bath.

    • Taking a bath with hot water can also relieve you from the tired feeling and fatigue. So, it works well in the evening.

    • When you suffer a headache, always go for a hot water bath as you can find temporary relief.

    • Did you wake up with a puffy face? Try a hot water bath to see if the puffiness gets reduced.

    • If you are feeling anxious for no reason, try a hot water bath to get rid of it.

    • Hot water bath is also said to provide relief from nasal congestion.

    • Hot water baths also cleanse and remove the toxins and dirt on the surface of your skin.

    • Hot water tends to open the pores of your skin and this helps in deep cleansing it.

    Cold Shower Benefit:

    • Cold water baths are good for your immunity. That is why our ancestors always preferred cold water baths.

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    • After a cold water bath, you tend to feel alert. So, take a cold shower before going to work.

    • Cold showers are also said to prevent certain minor issues like common cold.

    • Do you know why you tend to feel good after a cold water bath? Well, it releases certain anti-depressant hormones in your body.

    • Some sources also say that cold water baths keep your metabolism in full pace.

    • A cold bath frees up your mind and makes you feel refreshed. It is good in the morning.

    • A cold water bath is also said to prevent hair loss and also make your skin firm.