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The NPP has done an amazing job but we do not need studios—Cwesi Oteng


As part of the New patriotic party’s manifesto, they made promises of building recording studios for the creative arts industry.

A lot of industry players have expressed mixed feelings concerning the promises made by the incumbent government.

Some feel this project will benefit the up and coming artistes. Because most musicians have studios in their houses. Others feel otherwise the studio will benefit both old and new artistes.

Gospel musician Cwesi Oteng in an interview on Ghone TV revealed that he is part of the NPP and they have done an amazing work. But their promise of building studios for the creative art industry is not laudable.

According to him, musicians do not need studios but rather, they need to sit and talk. He believes talking in a carefree environment with government officials is the right thing to do.

He gave an example that Donald Trump always have a good talk with people who need help. And this is one thing he likes about the US President.

Finally, “there is no need for studios but a good talk to see the way forward for the industry”,Cwesi Oteng states.