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The Ghanaian Movie Industry is not Dead- John Dumelo


Gone are the days when the Ghanaian Movie industry was as its peak such that it became even difficult for one to get access to the copy of a released movie. Movie fanatics were left to the mercy of their TV sets as streaming platforms were not very popular at that time.

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However, over the years this narrative has changed as the Ghanaian Movie Industry is now at a standstill with very little progress. A majority of Ghanaians now prefer foreign movies to the local ones. This has spurred countless conversations surrounding the progress of the Ghanaian movie industry. While a section of Ghanaian movie fanatics are of the view that the industry is dead, it seems that others also have an entirely different view.

In an interview with Citi TV’s Umar Sanda, Ghanaian actor and parliamentary candidate for Ayawaso West Wogoun constituency, John Dumelo, explained that the movie industry is not growing faster in Ghana because it is struggling to catch up in the digital space.

“We are lacking transformation onto the technological platforms, ten years ago a lot of people did not know about Netflix, the success of a film is based on the number of CDs you sell”, he said

He also encouraged the industry players to take advantage of the numerous streaming platforms to promote their movies.