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“Tell the world why you left Shatta Wale for NAM1 or I exp0se you” – Filla on why Michy left Shatta Wale revealed by former bestie [Details]


There seem to be more to what we have heard concerning the infamous Shatta Wale-Michy split and the skeletons in the cupboards are about to be exposed.

This is how come a former bestie of Michy is threatening her to tell the whole truth or her dirty linings be washed in the public as far as what led to her eventual departure from the abode of the SM boss is concerned.

When Michy replied to a fan on Instagram yesterday and bragged about how she has taken the full responsibility of taking care of young Majesty, little did she know that that will be the beginning of messier things to come?

Her former bestie @Magluv29 is alleging without admitting that Michy might have left Shatta Wale for Nana Appiah Mensah. She has dared Michy to come out to tell the full story about her clandestine relationship with NAM1 which could have motivated her to call her relationship with Shatta Wale to quit.

She shared the following on Instagram waiting for Michy to reply before she takes further action;

The gossip mill is grinding. The rumours are beginning to metamorphosed into allegations and half-truths. What really led Michy to pack her things out of Shatta Wale’s house will surely come to the fore.

The question about the true paternity of Majesty has also been a lingering conversation…that should be determined in the fullness of time.