Syphilis Is Everywhere: Use These Tricks To Prevent It.


    Syphilis remains one of the most dangerous STIs in the world. Unfortunately, we do not talk about it as we are supposed to. Although almost every STI is dangerous and a threat to humans, the devastating effect of syphilis is understated.

    This common STI is highly dangerous but veils its treacherousness with furtiveness by stealthily sending its victims to their graves. Syphilis, unknown to many people, can hide in the human body for over 30 years.Before one discovers the presence of the disease, it is at its final stage (fourth) where the body is in ruins. That is why you should endeavour to prevent syphilis at all costs. Simply use these 3 tricks.

    Check for sores.

    You do not necessarily have to engage in bedroom activities for you to contract syphilis. You can get the disease by coming into contact with open sores (chancre) that appear at the site of infection.

    These sores are highly infectious. It can occur in or around the mouth, the hands, around the pubic area, or on the reproductive organ. These sores may disappear before the onset of the second stage of the disease.

    Use Rubber

    The next thing you can do to prevent syphilis is to use rubber protection. Sadly, most women will use rubber when they are being entered but will never use protection when they go oral. If you cannot trust the person, avoid oral and use rubber when entering or being entered.

    There are two types of rubber protection: female and male rubber protection. These two are effective, but only the male one is common. Fill it with water after use to see if there is any tearing.

    Test First 

    Since the disease can hide in the body for years without detection, the best way to prevent it is to ask your partner to go with you for a diagnosis. This way, you may know your status before having an affair.