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“Sunyani Underground Rapper” Replies To Sarkodie’s Sub Zero.


In the past weeks, Ghana’s entertainment industry has been on the swirl as a result of the back and forth between artists in the music industry. While some released songs to educate their fans and Ghanaians as a whole on the deadly coronavirus, others like Shatta wale held a virtual concert to uplift the faith of Ghanaians and the world in such trying times. Another interesting group has been artists like Asem, Ball J and Sarkodie who seem unperturbed about the plight of the world and still went for each other’s throats with “diss songs”.

While Ghanaians and especially music lovers were enjoying the kerfuffle between these artists, an unseen group that seems offended by some shots Sarkodie gave in his Subzero song has been Sunyani Rappers who felt utterly disrespected by Sarkodie in his tune as he described his rivals as underground artists in Sunyani.

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In the maiden edition of Sammyflex’s Showbiz Daily, “Sunyani underground rapper”, Ammirado De Governor’s reply was critically examined and was given the opportunity to explain why he felt the need to reply Sarkodie on behalf of all artists in Sunyani.

According to the bono Rapper, this was neither the first nor second time Sarkodie had undermined and insulted artist from Sunyani and he exemplified it with about three cases in which Sarkodie had spoken ill of them. To him, instead of Sarkodie to constantly ridicule artists from Sunyani, he could lend a helping hand to them, since he is cognizant of the predicaments of underground artists. Like he’s done for Ashanti, Northern and other regions, Ammirado is calling on Sarkodie in his reply, to at least feature an artist from Sunyani.

Though not famous, Ammirado has some very good punches in his sub-2020 song for the legendary rap artist.

watch the video here: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2592692730967901&id=1785789881658194

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