Strongman And Medikal’s “Bossu” After Kerfuffle


    Most Ghanaians were taken by surprise when two rap rivals: Medikal and Strongman dropped their hit track “Bossu” after their kerfuffle in the last year, 2019.

    The “Bossu” song by Strongman Burner features his ‘nemesis’ Medikal, who sung the hook and rapped as well. While people are enjoying the banger and applauding their works, others are comparing their verses on the song for discussions.  Some believe they both did amazingly well on the beat, others have also graded one’s work over the other.

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    Listening to the song carefully, some people assert that, Medikal was felt more on the song than Strongman, making it almost as if Medikal was the owner of the song and featured strong man. Others took their point from the video which currently trends number 2 on Ghana YouTube trends. According to them, though the song belongs to Strongman, Medikal was the domineering character in the video since most of the shots in the video projected Medikal more as compared to Strongman.

    Others also believe there was an equal representation of both artists on the song and the style of the video might be the exact creative direction and result the director, Prince Dovlo, wanted. Another set maintains their opinion that Strongman did better than Medikal and vice versa.

    In spite of all various opinions on the song, most people are exhilarated about this collaboration, attributing it to growth, maturity, unity and most of all peace in the Ghanaian music industry, making some Ghanaians call on Shatta Wale and Stoneboy for the long-overdue collaboration and concert after they smoked the peace pipe.