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Stonebwoy Reacts To Charterhouse’ CEO “Rise Above Them” Comment


Stonebwoy has shown his displeasure in Charterhouse’ CEO, Madam Theresa Ayoade in a recent tweet saying, he is very disappointed in her for calling on the Ghanaian media to help quench their careers.

Mrs Theresa Ayoade said, “Can you as the media help the industry rise above these two? Let’s rise above these two and let the industry breathe and move on. Sarkodie won artiste of the decade and nobody even talked about it.”

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“The industry is bigger than these two artistes and that what I want you to go back with. There are lots of young people who need the opportunity so let’s move on,” Mrs Theresa Ayoade said at a press conference.

According to the BHIM Nation CEO, he can clearly see that the Charterhouse does not have the interest of Ghanaian Musicians at heart.

He tweeted:

“May I conclude that @CharterhouseGH DOES NOT Have The Interest Of Ghanaian Musicians and Ghana Music At Heart. With All Due Respect #MrsTeresa I’m Disappointed!! Calling On Ghana Media To Help You Quench Our Careers Is A Very Low Blow.. #BhimGovernment”