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Stonebwoy Didn’t Flop In Nigeria, Nana Yaw Wiredu Shares His Experience in Nigeria


Last week, Stonebwoy, Darko Vibes, and Kuame Eugene represented Ghana at the SoundCity MVP awards in Nigeria. Videos circulating after the event suggested that these A-list artists were being ignored by the audience during their performances at the Event.

Entertainment Critic, Nana Yaw Wiredu, who shot that viral video at the event has publicly avowed that, contrary to what Ghanaians have been speculating, “Stonebwoy did not flop in Nigeria.” Which could also be said for Darko Vibes and Kuame Eugene.

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He explained that the video was not total representation of what actually happened in the auditorium, expatiating that, the angle from which the video was taken was what has sent out the wrong impression. He added that “I couldn’t stop recording my artist simply because of that one guy standing aloof in my shot.” Nana yaw also added that most of the audience jammed to Stonebwoy and Kuame Eugene’s performances stressing that these artists “never had a bad day in Nigeria.” He also informed that, unlike the TV production of the Award Scheme, the production was very poor in terms of the live feel of it which has also accounted for the miscommunication in Ghana.

Nana Yaw also expressed his befuddlement at how Ghanaians gloat over the downfall of their artists. Explaining that most artists and Ghanaians have been calling to express their excitement about the matter. He then took the opportunity to advise bloggers on what they write about Ghana’s artists, adding that instead of thinking of headlines that would draw traffic, they should look at the bigger picture or conversations and how their write-ups represent these artists on the global market. He also beseeched the media to help lift and project the identity of Ghanaian artists instead of seeking for their downfall.