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Some Ghanaians Stifle the Creativity of GH Comedians


In an interview with Ghanaian comedian, Lekzy Decomic, he mentioned that some prominent and powerful people in Ghana stifle the creativity of Ghanaian Comedians since they take offense and attack them on some of their comic materials.

Prior to this, another great Ghanaian Comedian, Comedian OB, had some serious problems with some powerful politicians in Ghana for a joke he made about the ex-president of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama. Though the joke got a lot of applause and laughter when he delivered it.

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The comedian after the numerous backlash from party members and some politicians came out to apologize for the joke and took responsibility for it.

According to Lekzy, this incident albeit popular was not the first time, he shared his experience with a minister of state coming to sound a strong warning to him after a performance, he also recalled a moment he was cursed and attacked by members of a particular church for making a joke about their pastor. Lekzy explained that though they have the artistic license to make such jokes, most Ghanaians do not understand not even some of the people in the creative industry.

He then compared these occurrences to that of Nigerians, saying that when the Nigerian comedians are performing they are at liberty to pick on or talk about anybody they so wish without any attacks afterward. He then went on to advise Ghanaians to be open-minded and come with a light heart to comedy events since it seems ironic to leave a comedy show infuriated.

Some pundits of the Showbiz Agenda also advised comedians to be educated on each audience of a show prior to a performance and know what might pass for a joke to a particular audience and what might to construe to be offensive. They also advised Ghanaians to be educated on such shows and not attack or get easily offended by a joke.

Ghanaian Comedians were however advised to keep up with the good works irrespective of the attacks and find a way to come back stronger and better after such problems.