Home Entertainment “Some Ghanaian Artists are Myopic”- OdarteyGH

“Some Ghanaian Artists are Myopic”- OdarteyGH


The YouTube TV channel, OdarteyGhTV, was set on fire when the insightful Ghanaian entertainment blogger, OdarteyGH, identified some artists in Ghana for being myopic.

His submission was with regards to the recent Wendy Shay and Fantana tumult on social media, where the two popular artists of the Rufftown Record label have been in the trends for their lingering misunderstandings.

Since the introduction of Fantana into the music scenes by the Rufftown records, it seems all hasn’t been smooth with the two signees, Wendy Shay and Fantana. Though this seems normal in the music industry, it looks as though theirs have evolved into a more complicated matter mixed with blatant lies and denial from both parties. Whereas some believe this kerfuffle could be a stunt for attention, others are certain that all is not well in the camp especially with the way both ladies speak to the matter during interviews.

OdarteyGH during his reaction video asked Ghanaian artists to focus on a bigger prize instead of thinking myopically and concentration on unnecessary things. He emphasized that they should focus on international collaborations in other to penetrate other markets and nations. He also called on artists who seem comfortable with being local champions or conquering the Ghanaian markets daring them to try and take over other large and challenging territories like Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

In light of the just ended Grammys, OdarteyGH has beseeched Ghanaian artists to think about the bigger picture and globally, instead of the narrow way of thinking. He also stressed that Ghanaian artists should adopt a more altruistic attitude of supporting and pushing each other instead of only those in their camps unlike what the Nigerian artists did for Burnaboy in other to push the nation forward.

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He also believes that with quality music, the right attitude, resilience, and promotions, some Ghanaian artists will be making the Grammy nomination list shortly.

Watch the video below or click this link