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So Sad! Moment Nigerian man orders girlfriend off boat at sea after she rejects his marriage proposal (Video)


A Nigerian man has garnered attentions online over his reactions after his girlfriend rejected his marriage proposal.

The proposal event took place in the middle of a sea and showed the moment the man ordered his love to get off the boat after she refused to marry him.

In the video he was seen alongside his girlfriend and several others, enjoying themselves on the boat.

Midway through the cruise, the Nigerian man asks his girlfriend to marry him, presenting a ring from his pocket. However, she immediately declines, claiming she’s not ready.

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In response, the man instructs the boat driver to stop and asks his girlfriend to disembark, while questioning her again about marriage.

Initially unable to give an immediate response, the girlfriend is then seen reconsidering as the man attempts to remove her water jacket and remove her from the boat.

Eventually, she changes her mind and accepts his proposal. The video captured the couple hugging themselves tightly.

Watch the video below: