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So Far, How Successful Has Ghanaian Artists’ Shops and Businesses Been?


On the weekend, Ghana’s renowned dancehall artiste, Stonebwoy, had an official opening for his most spoken about Bhim Shop. The inauguration which was done at Ashaiman, hosted a huge crowd, mostly Stonebwoy fans, media persons and some residents from Ashaiman where the artist rep.

While some are enthused about this initiative and see it as a big move for the artist, others are unconcerned about it with regards to the condition of most of Ghana’s celebrities’ business and shops. This now begs the questions: how far with Shatta Wale, Sarkodie’s to mention a few clothing lines and shops, are they operational and lucrative as anticipated?

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Though people have been commending the beauty of the Bhim shop and how glamorous it looks, some are very concerned about the location of the shop. Although it has a deeper and emotional meaning to the artist, some believe it will make more business sense if other branches were opened in the heart of Accra so that patronage and business will thrive without buyers dreading the distance.

Another suggestion was the kind of commodities being sold at the Bhim shop. Some opine that instead of celebrities always or mostly going into fashion, they should also consider basic human needs like drinking water, soap, ingredients, cream, polish, toothpaste, drinks, etc., these products are more likely to be patronized more and daily since people always need them as compared to the shirts and footwear which will not be bought every day for use.

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It expatiated that for such basic commodities, they could be patronized and used by everyone and any fan base without the fear of being tagged or relegated to being a Bhim fan. Unlike tagged clothes which automatically state one’s affiliation restricting people from other camps to buy and use freely.

In place of opening many branches around Ghana, management of the Bhim Shop are also advised to partner with or distribute to credible shop owners like Zara and sellers from popular market places like Kantamanto, Tudu, Madina in order to make more money.

The star is also expected to make at least a monthly appearance at the shop, which could encourage his fans to visit the shop, mostly because they want to meet him and may, in turn, buy something while there.

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In most situations, the prices of these Celebrity products are quite expensive, which considering the current state of Ghana’s economy, makes it difficult for people to patronize such products. Prices are expected to be normal or possibly on the low side to encourage more and frequent patronage.

Bhim Shop is expected to be expanded with capable management heading the affairs of the business and projecting Bhim and Ashaiman to the world.