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Sista Afia Gives a Warning Shot with WMT


Unlike the western world, “beef” in the Ghanaian entertainment industry is mostly between two big male artists or one big and another upcoming male in the industry. However, that conversation was changed when one popular Ghanaian female artiste, Sista Afia, went after another female artist with her new WMT diss song.

Yesterday, the weather hitmaker released her first-ever rap diss song at exactly 7 pm as advertised titled WMT on all digital music platforms. Though she didn’t explicitly mention the name of the artists being trolled in the song, listeners could deduce from the song that all roads led to Africa’s mermaid, Sister Derby, who happens to be the rival of Sista Afia’s bestie, Fella Makafui.

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Like most diss songs, it was hard, precise, and concise conveying the anger or disdain the artist felt for the recipient of the song. What may have surprised most people was her command over rap which Sista Afia is not known for. But clearly shows how versatile and talented she is.

WMT is currently making waves on social media platforms with about 14k streams on YouTube 16hours after dropping. Most Ghanaians are anticipating a response from Sister Derby on the matter as they keep tagging her in the song on social media.

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This although not peaceful will at least shun the attention or spotlight on the women in the industry, who for lack of a better word, have been ‘missing’ in the trends for a while.

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