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She is not smart: Massive reactions as Ghanaians troll Hajia Bintu for two reasons


Social media has a way of hyping personalities or celebrities to make them earn a living. Some celebrities tend to benefit when they are trolled whilst others become successful when they receive praise on the various platforms.

Hajia Bintu is one of the best Tik Tok superstars in Ghana. On United Showbiz, she explained that Shatta Wale is her Godfather and she has never slept or dated him.

Hajia further provided details of how she had the opportunity to work with Shatta on the music video for one of Shatta Wale‘s hitsongs.

When hostess Vicky Zugah requested Hajia to provide more assurances that she has not entertained any dating relationship with Shatta, Hajia’s explanation annoyed many Ghanaians.

Hajia explained that the only people who can judge her are her mum and God. She added that no one has seen her sleeping with Shatta Wale and she is surprised about how she is tagged with such comments.

Social media users trolled Hajia because they were not convinced with her responses on the show. Some social media users said that Hajia was not smart whilst others said that she spoke like a kid.

Overall, Hajia was massively trolled for two comments that she made.

The first batch of trolling was related to her defence statement in relation with the Shatta Wale story.

The second reason why she was trolled was because she said that she would continue to flout her body to make money on Tik Tok.

Many Ghanaians felt she could have spoken better than the way she did.

What are your thoughts on the ongoing discussion? Do you think Ghanaians dislike Hajia Bintu? Do you think Hajia Bintu benefits from social media trolling?

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