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Shatta Wale Finally Reunites With Efia Odo


In a live video on vixen Efia Odo’s page, Ghanaians were surprised to see two nemeses, Efia Odo and Shatta Wale chatting and laughing heartily like previous times.

This got people wondering since not long ago EFia Odo was metaphorically at Shatta Wale’s throat for backstabbing her and stealing her client.

Most people believed that the video call proved that like always these two were faking a kerfuffle for attention with their ‘beef’. Now that no one seems bothered about it, they have decided to come back since no one cared.

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Others opine that Shatta Wale took the opportunity of the hype around the vixen for her alleged sex tape to tap into the spotlight. In the live video, Shatta Wale openly announced that they were cool and has been forgiven by her after she apologized. Which seems like a manly and honest thing to do once you offend a good friend.

Watch video below