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“Shatta Wale Didn’t Take The Militants As Musicians, He Took Them As Bodyguards”. – Yaw Grey


Like noses, many opinions have flooded the media space about the very public announcement of Shatta Wale’s separation with his militants.

One ‘nose’ about this viral issue that has caught attention has been that of former mobile boiz member, Yaw Gray. According to him, considering the level of talent the militants have and how unsuccessful their individual brands have been in spite of all the buzz, connect and coaching that was given to them by Shatta Wale over the years, he is led to believe that, Shatta brought them under his wings not because they were talented or even musicians but maybe because of some good and support they might have shown Shatta some time back.

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Since he strongly believed that “Shatta didn’t take the militants as musicians, he took them as bodyguards” Yaw Grey stated.

He further buttressed his opinion with some allegations leveled at the militants by their former boss Shatta Wale, confirming the fact that they are not talented musicians or musicians at all.

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