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Shatta Wale Calls Kamelyeon His Aborted Baby


In an interview with dancehall artist, Kamelyeon, he speaks on his estranged relationship with the “dance hall king”, Shatta Wale. While most people are aware of the sour relationship between these two artists, most are unsure about what might have caused Kamelyeons’s departure from the SM camp.

Touching on the matter, Kamelyeon shockingly revealed that like most people, he was also not aware of what might have sparked up the misunderstanding and his exile from the SM camp.

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 As he was talking about his talent and style in the dancehall genre and having his moment in the studio, the SM boss, Shatta Wale tested into the section to banter what he was saying and called Kamelyeon his “aborted baby”.

Kamelyeon had his chance to defend his turf and also threw some jabs at Shatta Wale. These back and forth though serious, sounded funny to most of the audience and listeners. Shatta finally calls for an open mic freestyle battle with these dancehall artists.