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See the mansion SM Militant Addi Self is building


Ghanaian artistes have been tagged as broke for a long time and it’s high time that narrative is changed.

However, the new crop of artists have started changing the narrative with the like of Shatta wale putting up mansion from revenue for music streams and shows.

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Addi Self is the newest to join the list of artistes putting a mansion. He has posted a picture of himself putting up a big mansion at some part of Accra.

The project is about 70% complete and shows that he is winning in the industry.

He did not disclose the exact location of the house nor did he state the amount involved, but we believe it is an expensive house.

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Addi Self was recently in the news for blasting some celebrities for always showing their charity on camera. He cautioned them to learn how to give in silence so that they can receive abundant blessings.

See the screenshot Below:

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