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Rapper Travis Scott’s concert at Egypt’s pyramids cancelled


American rapper, Travis Scott’s concert at the pyramids in Egypt has been cancelled, organiser Live Nation Middle East said in a statement, citing production issues.

“We regret to inform you that the UTOPIA show, originally scheduled for July 28th at the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt is cancelled,” the concert promoter said in a statement on social media. “Unfortunately, despite highest efforts, complex production issues meant that the show could not be constructed in the desert. We understand that this news is disappointing and not the outcome any of us desired.”

The announcement added that refunds will be issued to ticket holders at their point of purchase; a Scott rep declined further comment.

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Rapper Travis Scott

Although “complex production issues” were cited as the reason for the cancellation, multiple reports say that the Egyptian Musicians Syndicate, which issues the permits, had revoked the permit because the concert “goes against the cultural identity of the Egyptian people.”

In a statement, the Syndicate said that it made the decision after “examining social media opinions and feedback,” along with reports that included “authenticated images and information about peculiar rituals performed by [Scott] during his performance” that go against “our authentic societal values and traditions.” It was unclear which “peculiar rituals” caused offense.